The aims of the I International Conference Death: Readings of the Human Condition are:

- To present a transdisciplinary plurality of representations about death as human condition, and to discuss the problems and contributions of the different areas to the reality of death.

- To understand the profound changes taking place in the current society/ies regarding death.

- To seek the reasons why advanced age, associated with degeneration and death, has come to be understood as a disease that has to be fought (the fight against aging through biomedical progress and the so-called biogerontology).

- To define death in medical terms: brain death, functional death, organic death, tissue death.

- To listen to various narratives about death: in archaeological finds, art, literature, music, dance, cinema ...

- To check the announcement and expression of death in the media and in cyberspace.

- To understand whether death can be a liberation (in the Platonic tradition, but also in the pragmatism of euthanasia).

- To get to know the funerary ceremonies of the different cultures and religions; the implications of the practice of cremation.

- To analyse death in the city (urban organization and cemeteries).

- To compete understand death in relationship between human beings and the divine in faith.