Application without communication

 Normal application

100,00 €

 IEAC-GO's member application

80,00 €

 Student / Social application

40,00 €



between 20 and 31.10.2018

Application whith communication

 Application with communication

80,00 €


Enrollment in Congress entitles you to a certificate of participation in the Congress (for curricular purposes), the documentation of Congress (including the program, the book of conference summaries and diverse information material) and participation in social activities.

Accreditation: plus the value of € 60.00.

Applicactiont of IEAC-GO members: This form of registration is valid for all IEAC-GO members and for all those who, having applied to join this Institute as associates, have their membership confirmed until December 15, 2018.

Student / Social application: This modality is valid for: students of the secondary, undergraduate, masters, doctorate and post-doctorate (upon presentation of the respective supporting document updated); people with disabilities and retirees.